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Daintry Donovan, Founder
Angie Winemiller, Fairyologist
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About Urban Fairy Doors
Urban Fairy Doors was born from an assignment for Daintry Donovan in an Entreprenuership class at Northern Arizona University - Yavapai College. She was lucky enough to enlist the aid of several classmates along the way: Angie Winemiller, Lynda Chaprnka, and Carol Beard. 

We are a company that wants to serve communities and business by executing a little magic, some wonderment, and awe in our marketing concept. This concept is about gaining exposure for your business and developing an ongoing and synergistic relationship with the people and other businesses in your community.
Daintry discovered a need for more magic and awe in her life and community and developed this business to create communities within communities that shared her same goals. Urban Fairy Doors was developed to address this need while completing a project for her Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from Northern Arizona University - Yavapai College.  Daintry will graduate in December, 2013 and launch this business full time in January 2014.
Angie has been instrumental in developing this concept and is an equal partner in developing this concept. She will also get her degree in Entrepreneurship at Northern Arizona University - Yavapai College in December, 2013. She is the creative director and driver in this enterprise.
Committed to helping our customers and theirs achieve and grow relationships in their own communities that lead to better business.